Software for the digital, connected molecular lab

The UgenTec FastFinder automated workflow offers the quickest and most accurate results using AI-driven interpretation to reduce processing time, increase volume and reduce errors. This intelligent and intuitve software can automate a sample workflow, ensuring reproducible analysis of your assays by reducing analysis time by 50% or more.

The FastFinder program enables an exact sample-to-result workflow, reducing physical steps and human errors for an improved COVID-19 testing and analysis. 

FastFinder modules can be used individually – but are considered more effective when used together. Discover all cross-functionality below.

The FastFinder Workflow organizes every qPCR sample workflow from sample to result. The time-management operations include work-lists, quickly designating assay to sample assignment, coordinating plate setup and generating sheet pipetting. Expedite your testing while simultaneously reducing the risk of errors and streamlining your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Control a PCR workflow from start- to- finish using one unified interface.
  • A  LIMS connection offers result transfers in a two-fold, automated manner: finding order lists from LIMS and transferring results back into the LIMS. 
  • Easily create new assays and automatically integrate them with your liquid handler.
  • Command your laboratory equipment using a central operating mechanism.
  • Generate corresponding plate layouts for extraction and PCR devices in an automated fashion.
  • Manage a digital archive of the entire procedure for reproducibility in future experiments. 

FastFinder Analysis takes any qPCR test in your menu and engages data analysis and interpretation support. Being compatible with any qPCR device, you can progress from raw cycler data into standardized results. 

FastFinder Analysis provides fast, reliable, reproducible results – ranging in analysis for amplification and melting curves, single or multiplexed assays, or relatively mainstream assay procedures. 

Key Features:

  • Captures assay-specific data and packages information in plugins format for consolidated validation efforts.
  • Manages absolute and relative quantitative, qualitative, melting-curve and end-point PCR analyses.
  • Designs structural outlines to record all test SOP or IFU complexity by initially building, and then automating data interpretation support.
  • Reproduces artificial intelligence for every run, to ensure consistent technical result validation. 
  • Creates a digital archive with all PCR results. 
  • Prevents necessity for third-party cycler software by beginning from your thermocyclers’ raw fluorescent data. 
Using AI to expedite genotyping analysis workflows, this feature vastly improves the interpretation speed and quality for your studies.

Key Features:

  • Analyse and visualise hundreds of thousands of SNP genotypes in a single view.
  • FastFinder identifies errors and anomalous results by automatically analyzing great swathes of data.
  • Standardized result validation is performed automatically by AI.
  • The online digital approach permits further software development.
FastFinder collects data on lot performance, procedural statistics, and trends for various QC metrics in real-time, allowing the QC module to identify in-control and out-of-control runs, while inquiring on systematic and random variations during the experiment. These tracking capabilities can identify multiple targets per assay associated with varying runs. FastFinder displays trends in Levey-Jennings charts other rule violations in real-time, enabling precision Quality Control at the moment of detection.

Key Features:

  • Designate parameters once and allow the QC module to automatically track reagent quality & devices.
  • Plot statistics in Levey-Jennings charts to visually represent errors or trends.
  • Allow industry-standard Westgard rules to report out of bound results and anomalies during processing.

FastFinder strengthens the molecular lab analysis and interpretation workflow. The software is visually intuitive, and engages users in identifying relevant information graphically. All in a consolidated platform. 

Using these elastic reports, lab directors enjoy cross-lab analysis that identify bottlenecks, and compare usage statistics, and much more. 

Key Features:

  • Track lab operation dashboard that are online and constantly updated with the latest information.
  • Relax knowing your secured data is managed by the UgenTec team, including data warehouses or structures.

In addition to optimizing the pre-and post-analytical workflow through smart tools that encourage interpretation support and workflow automation, a lot of speed efficiency is gained from eradicating manual steps. Processes such as transferring data or managing instrument integration points is now automated. 

Now you can deploy rapid COVID-19 PCR testing at scale. Choose FastFinder for sample-to-answer automation.

As pressures mount to deploy reliable COVID tests, software is crucial to scale up test volumes and result processing.

As many county, state and national COVID testing initiatives in the US, Canada and Europe are coming online, task forces are marshaling existing infrastructure to hyper-scale PCR testing labs. Labs have analyzed 10,000,000 COVID samples on FastFinder – and counting.

Why FastFinder is the COVID-19 Solution:

  • Supply chain concerns are impacting closed sample-to-answer processing. COVID testing initiatives rely heavily on PCR systems.


  • UgenTec FastFinder is the foundation for various large-scale COVID testing sample-to-answer systems.


  • With testing volumes scaling to 10K or 100K assays per day, most systems struggle with operational efficiency. But FastFinder is standardized, at scale, and automated.