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Thrive Bioscience’s CellAssist automatically assembles images, metrics, methods, and materials from your procedure. This database ensures centralized capture and data storage for reproducible cell culture workflows. CellAssist’s innovative technology has set new standards for reproducible adherent cell culture across multiple laboratory applications.

CellAssist allows you to focus on imaging results by replacing your efforts at the inverted microscope, thereby increasing cell culture accuracy and reproducibility, all while orchestrating your workflow. After inserting a well plate, the CellAssist system is capable of recording, displaying, and processing hundreds of high-resolution images using phase contrast or bright-field imaging. Using barcodes to differentiate sample plates and reagents, CellAssist stores a complete record of all cell growth and behavior during the procedure.

New Standards for Reproducible Cell Culture

As an automated bench-top instrument, CellAssist compiles a database of images, metrics, methods and materials, redefining industry expectations for reproducible adherent cell culture processing, analysis, and data storage.


  • Barcode tracking to differentiate culture plates, reagents, and workflows across experiments
  • Adherent cell image processing and storage in standard 6-well through 96-well plates
  • Scanning procedures that include full-well, center-of-well and region-of-interest capture
  • Includes options for wireless or wired network connection between CellAssist instrument(s) and EvalCore Analysis Workstation, for adaptable location installation


  • Centralized database of images and metrics, including factors like growth rates, confluence, colony count and size, and monoclonality
  • Detailed storage and image recall of stitched images at varying z-height depths allows for various viewing and export capabilities
  • Time-lapse viewing option to observe various colony measurements
    • Microscopy: 4x phase contrast, 4x bright-field, 10x phase contrast, 10x bright-field
    • Resolution: 2.1 μm/pixel at 4x; 0.84 μm/pixel at 10x
    • Image registration: +/- 15 μm between scans
    • User interfaces: Tablet in laboratory and EvalCore Analysis Workstation in laboratory or office

    Accessories Included with CellAssist:

    • Bluetooth barcode reader for associated plate ID, reagents, and experiment data
    • Tablet user interface (Wi-Fi) in laboratory for viewing and project planning
    • Wireless access point for private network available with EvalCore Analysis Workstation


    • Internal temperature: 37°C
    • Local storage: 4 TB
    • Dimensions: 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.6m (lwh) / Weight: 26 kg
    • Operating environment: temperature 20-27°C; relative humidity 20-80%
    • Power requirements: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz; 650W max
Play Video
Track Colonarity (Automatically Calculated) Across Different Cell Lines Over Time
Color Coded Outlines of Colonies That Can Also Exported as a Time Blended Movie
An Interactive Timeline of Colony Development

EvalCore Analysis Software

Thrive Bioscience’s EvalCore offers visualization and analysis, as the core computer workstation for CellAssist’s processes. The EvalCore workstation can be located inside or outside the lab. You can access the saved data at any time through the Thrive Network.

EvalCore and CellAssist software provides various options and tools for image analysis that allows the user access to a comprehensive view detailing the entire history of all laboratory projects.

In addition to the comprehensive analysis capabilities, with the CellAssist barcoding system, you can barcode any part of the workflow: from the IDs of the personnel working on the workflow, to the notebook where notes are taken, to the lab equipment. These essential workflow pieces will be entered into the CellAssist system quickly via the included barcode scanner, seamlessly tracking the different steps of the workflow for your research.

Within the EvalCore system and through the CellAssist tablet, you can also define variables within the project such as drugs and reagents. Protocols can also be entered into the EvalCore system and automatically transmitted to the CellAssist instrument.


Software Specifications

  • Computing workstation combined with CellAssist and quality control software offers image analysis and project management
  • Networked to the CellAssist instrument with a wired or wireless connection
  • Automatic image transfer from CellAssist instrument(s)
  • Image and video export formats: png, mp4



  • Local storage: 18TB
  • Dimensions: 0.5m x 0.2m x 0.8m (lwh) (without monitor) / Weight: 10 kg
  • Power requirements: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 890W max

Images and video from Thrive Bioscience.