Single-Cell Sequencing Support

Automated Systems for Single-Cell Isolation and Sequencing

Single-cell sequencing technologies identify molecular targets for immunotherapy. Equip your lab with automated instruments that offer multi-omics processes to provide personalized healthcare.
Single-Cell Sequencing Progresses Patient Care

Major healthcare concerns include diagnosing illness and treating patients in a manner that is individualized and progressive. Single-cell RNA-seq aspires to develop personalized medicine by detailing the characterization of cells, pathways, and genes associated with human diseases such as cancer. Clinically implementing scRNA-seq can advance drug development and personalized healthcare using factors such as tumor heterogeneity and mutation evolution. As a result, the comprehensive genome and transcriptome analyses can empower clinical implementation of individualized medicine.

Solid Tissue Dissociation & Sequencing

Live Cell Separation & Sequencing

Solid Tissue Dissociation & Sequencing

A Multi-Omics Automated System

S2 Genomics Singulator™ 100

The complimentary single-use cartridges allow the bench-top Singulator™ System to execute tissue dissociations, in an efficient, replicable, and sterile manner. Performing cold dissociation minimizes the expression of stress-related genes in cells and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei. Researchers can now easily obtain suspensions of nuclei or high-viability cells for a wide range of single-cell analyses.

Using the Singulator™ 100 software, you can customize your procedure with pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents. Design protocol standards for sample mincing, enzyme incubation time, temperature, mixing, and even define mechanical disruption profiles.
  • Cold dissociation minimizes production of stress-related genes in cells and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei
  • Reduce instances of transcriptome changes
  • Typical viability ranges 70% – 95% 
  • Automated and customizable software and program variables for a customized experience 

Live Cell Separation & Sequencing

Label-Free Live Cell Separation Technology

LevitasBio LeviCell™

LevitasBio has introduced the first commercial platform to sort live cells without any markers or modifications. Researchers have access to all samples regardless of starting cell number, viability, or cell type.

LevitasBio’s innovative levitation technology delivers sample enrichment in a 3-step method. The LeviCell has demonstrated the ability to outperform standard processing methods in terms of cell viability, yield and single-cell quality – all in a fast and simple process that can be paired with any single cell workflow.
  • Largest and most precise industry yield and viability for variety of cell types
  • Standardization across all experiments without calibration
  • Cell separation doesn’t rewuire dyes or labels required for 
  • Cell suspension can be customized for any cell media or liquid
  • Various cell types can be imaged, counted, and classified within a single 10 min workflow

View this video for insights on the processing procedure and levitation technology of the LevitasBio LeviCell™.