S2 Genomics Singulator™ 100

Create single-cell or nuclei suspensions from solid tissue using automated dissociation.

The S2 Genomics Singulator™100 operates from tissue-to-analysis while expediting your single-cell RNA sequencing.

High Yield & Viability

Reproducible Results

Fast Processing

Automated Operation

A Multi-Omics Automated System

Minimal Variability with Multiple Applications

Ideal for a variety of single-cell or nuclei applications, the Singulator system provides processing power for genomics, cell biology, scRNA-Seq, immuno-oncology and various other platforms. An expansive selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents for cell isolations gives the S2 Singulator™100 the ability to process mouse, rat, and human tissues, including tumors. This platform has extended operating power allowing for custom variable designation. 


Automated Solid Tissue Dissociation

Single cells or nuclei from solid tissue in minutes

The complimentary single-use cartridges allow the bench-top Singulator™ System to execute tissue dissociations in an efficient, replicable, and sterile manner. Performing cold dissociation minimizes the expression of stress-related genes in cells, and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei. Researchers can now easily obtain suspensions of nuclei or high-viability cells for a wide range of single-cell analyses.


High Yield & High Viability 

The S2 Singulator™100 encourages fresh, frozen and OCT tissue sample processing. The system automation promises uniformity in your procedure and results.  When processing a fresh tissue sample for 20-60 minutes, there is approximately 10,000 to >500,000/mg of cells with 70%-95% result viability. Due to variable cell density, the yield will vary by tissue, but will achieve <70% cell viability per cell protocol. Additionally, this platform and software combination can consistently produce nuclei suspensions in 7-12 minutes with a yield ranging from 10,000 to 600,000/mg.

Explore the Intuitive Customizable Precise Accessible  Transferable Singulator™100 Software

Choosing from a selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents, you can build your own procedure and determine format for your results analysis.

Select from lists of Standard, Favorites, Recently Run protocols, or create your own protocol with customizable parameters.
Enter optional user notes and press RUN.
Review step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you through the system operation.
Monitor tissue dissociation in real time using the internal camera and progress bar.