PCR Biosystems SyGreen 1-Step Kits

Start with RNA, end with results


Reverse transcription and real-time PCR have always been close partners. With PCR Biosystem’s SyGreen 1-Step Kits, RT and qPCR are coupled into a simple 1 tube, 1 step protocol.



Cutting-edge technology

PCR Biosystems offers two unique qPCR Sygreen 1-Step kits to meet your project needs combining an antibody- mediated hot start with a highly active MMLV reverse transcriptase for improved reaction sensitivity and specificity that remain thermostable at temperatures up to 45-55°C. 

qPCR 1-Step Kits are the simple, no-hassle solution to an efficient and seamless qPCR workflow. Kits are equipped with a modified SyGreen intercalating dye that doesn’t inhibit PCR or reverse transcription while buffers are optimized in high-throughput screens to promote more efficient cycling.

And the best part? Little to no optimization required.



 To reach detection thresholds faster
qPCRBIO SyGreen 1-Step GO kits are designed for lowest in class Ct values.
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Actionable Benefits

detect 1pg total RNA detect >0.01pg mRNA Ct 3 - 4 cycles earlier compatible with all qPCR platforms  extremely low copy number detection  available in lo - ROX or hi - ROX

 For low copy number targets 

qPCRBIO SyGreen 1-Step Detect kits are engineered for high sensitivity (10pg -100ng total RNA or >0.01pg mRNA).

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More to explore

Optimal RNA concentration ranges for 1-Step GO Kit (purple) versus 1-Step Detect Kit (blue)
1-Step GO Kit (purple) exhibits comparable performance at high RNA concentrations and superior performance at low RNA concentrations compared to competitor (Bioline, blue)

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