PCR Biosystems SyGreen Blue Mix

Accuracy you can see, speed you can quantify


It’s green. PCR Biosciences’ proprietary green fluorescent dye does not inhibit PCR, enabling more sensitive detection and faster cycling.

It’s blue. An additional, non-reactive blue dye helps with pipetting accuracy and consistency.

Cutting-edge technology

Most qPCR mixes include a standard SYBRTM green dye that can actually have an inhibitory effect on PCR at certain concentrations. Unlike competitors, the qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix contains an improved dye from the same family as SYBRTM green that does not inhibit PCR. With non-inhibiting dye, higher concentrations of dye can be used to detect smaller quantities of target. A more PCR-friendly dye also means that CT values are detected earlier.

The additional blue dye in the qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix is a simple visual aid. Setting up qPCR reactions means pipetting small volumes, and with small volumes, it’s easy to make mistakes and even harder to catch them. What’s more, white plates (as opposed to clear) give better, more consistent qPCR results, but are nearly impossible to see with clear liquids. qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix is a vibrant easy-to-see blue, so that you can be more confident and accurate in your PCR reaction set-up.

Go Blue!

Actionable Benefits

  • PCR safe fluorescent dye
  • blue for visible accuracy
  • rapid extension for early CT values
  • market-leading sensitivity
  •  hi-ROX, lo-ROX, and separate-ROX options
  • compatible with all qPCR platforms

More to explore

Superior Sensitivity Against Competitors

Amplification and melt traces of 4 mouse house keeping genes from a cDNA dilution series. qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix traces (purple) and 6 competitor mixes (black). Cycling conditions were 95°C 2min, 40 cycles of 95°C 10sec, 60°C 15sec on Roche LC480. Overall, qPCRBIO SyGreen Blue Mix outperformed each competitor mix on the 4 amplicons tested.