Macherey-Nagel NucleoProtect

Collect samples now - extract RNA later

With Macherey-Nagel’s RNA stabilization reagent, you can skip the flash freeze, easily store and transport tissue samples and cells, and extract RNA on your schedule

No Liquid nitrogen. No dry ice. Nontoxic.

Cutting-Edge Technology

RNA is extremely sensitive to degradation, but it’s not always practical to extract RNA at the time when tissue is sampled. Traditionally, researchers have turned to flash freezing the tissue to preserve RNA for later extraction. NucleoProtect is a more innovative alternative that doesn’t tie you to a liquid nitrogen tank. 

The NucleoProtect reagent from Macherey- Nagel permeates through up to 5mm of tissue, aggregated nucleases, and fixes RNA without any toxic side effects. RNA can be recovered from tissue submerged in NucleoProtect months or years later.


Discover NucleoProtect

Actionable Benefits

  • RNA preserved through 10 freeze-thaw cycles
  • Stable for a week in the fridge or a month in the freezer
  • Stable long term at -20 °C
  • Compatible with most RNA isolation methods

More to explore

Cell culture and mouse tissue samples (fresh, stabilized, and non-stabilized) were used for subsequent RNA isolation with the NucleoSpin® RNA Plus kit. In this experimental setup NucleoProtect® RNA preserves RNA integrity within samples as good as or better than competitor solutions (MN = NucleoProtect® RNA; S = RNAlater®; Z = DNA/RNA ShieldTM).