The MolGen WorkFlow

SARS-CoV-2 Targeted DNA Purification

MolGen products enable DNA Purification chemistry that optimizes, customizes, and implements high throughput DNA.

The COVID-19 Testing Solution

Experience the refined chemistry of MolGen DNA and RNA purification using validated robotic protocols and DNA Services. 

A recent collaboration between MolGen and TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, demonstrated a SARS-CoV-2 testing procedure that can produce results in 45 minutes. This rapid test provides data within an hour, with the same reliability and sensitivity as previous PCR-based tests –  regardless of the testee’s COVID-19 status.

MolGen PurePrep Pathogens Kit

Fast and cost-effective extraction of total nucleic acids for pathogen detection

The PurePrep Pathogens kit allows cost-effective extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal swab, or any other respiratory samples. PurePrep Pathogens is optimized to extract pathogen DNA and RNA with the highest purity and delivering nucleic acids which is suitable for qPCR-based analysis. The ready-to-use reagents and simple protocols are convenient to use and easy to automate.

MolGen PurePrep 96

Simplify sample purification with PurePrep 96

The PurePrep 96 creates an automated system for the purification of DNA and RNA from sample materials such as blood, cells, and tissues. The automated purification process by PurePrep 96 allows for rapid high-quality processing, with no cross-contamination between samples or reagent carryover.

NuceloMag Pathogen Kit for viral and bacterial DNA/RNA from clinical samples

NucleoMag Pathogen kit for viral and bacterial RNA/DNA from clinical samples

Isolate viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from common clinical sample materials. NucleoMag Pathogen kits allow for rapid manual or automated purification and include carrier RNA, proteinase K, and all buffers – ready to use. Highly reactive magnetic bead technology purifies common clinical sample materials, including whole blood, serum, plasma, feces, tissue, or swabs. Ensure sensitive sample purification today with NucleoMag Pathogen kits.