LevitasBio LeviCell™

Simplified Workflow. 

Untouched Cells. 

Marker and Label Free.

Explore the only label-free live cell separation technology
for single-cell RNA sequencing.

A Sample Enriching System

A powerfully simple workflow for label-free cell enrichment and purification

As the first platform to purify cells and nuclei in minutes without any markers or modifications, t
he LeviCell™ offers label-free cell separation in a rapid and reproducible workflow that prepares your samples for better results. As a predecessor to operating any downstream cellular analysis or expansion, samples can be levitated to focus only on the cells in question – regardless of various measurements.

Load. Levitate. Collect.

LevitasBio’s innovative levitation technology platform deliver sample enrichment in a 3-step method. The LeviCell has demonstrated the ability to outperform standard processing methods in terms of cell viability, yield and single-cell quality – all in a fast and simple process that can be paired with any single cell workflow.

The abbreviated three-step procedure streamlines the workflow and reduces contamination risks and sample damage by preventing over-handling, accordingly maximizing enrichment for each cell type.

Next-Generation Sample Enrichment Technology

The label-free separation technology of the LeviCell™ supports the total removal of debris and dead cells without impacting the original population. Concerning the study of single-cells and the clarity and viability of cells harvested from the sample, the preparation process can determine the data quality in downstream assays. Allow LeviCell to improve your single-cell sequencing by enhancing yields of viable target cells without affecting the frequency or expression of the sample.