L7 Informatics ESP

The all-in-one inventory, process, and data management platform


L7 Informatics’ Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) is like a LIMS system in hyperdrive. ESP integrates traditional LIMS capabilities like inventory management and electronic lab notebooks with data management, data analysis, and process management.

Cutting-edge technology

Modern life science workflows are complex. To navigate through an entire workflow, you need a tool that combines sample management, multistep protocols, equipment integration, data management, data analysis, and sometimes even documentation for regulatory compliance.

The Enterprise Science Platform integrates the physical components of a life science workflow, like samples and automation equipment, with bioinformatics and machine learning, so you can focus on science instead of software.

ESP is modularized into highly flexible software apps to create custom workflows according to your laboratory needs.


Actionable Benefits

  • Regulatory compliance: CAP/CLIA, 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA
  • Supply and freezer inventory management
  • Analytical pipeline development and execution
  • Wet lab process management
  • Real-time integration and pipeline monitoring 
  •  Customizable visualization options
  • Automated metadata creation
  • Tracks data and process provenance 


From inventory to analysis, ESP has software for every step of your complete workflow.


Choose among pre-produced workflows or create a customized package workflow to support your specific process and analytical needs.


Secure bi-directional connections to instruments and equipment for fluid data analysis with complete traceability.