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Molgen PurePrep

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Molgen PurePrep Kits
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Molgen PurePrep Pathogens
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Fast and cost-effective extraction of total nucleic acids for pathogen detection

The PurePrep Pathogens kit allows cost-effective extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal swab / nasopharyngeal swab, or any other respiratory samples. Purified total nucleic acids can be used for qPCR based or any other enzymatic pathogen detection method. The ready-to-use reagents and simple protocol are convenient in use and easy to automate.

  • Fast: < 30 min preparation time for 96 samples
  • Complete processing at room temperature possible
  • High Yield of TNAs
  • Scalable: Volume of reagent used scales with the size of the sample
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol integrates easily into automated workflows
  • Suitable for qPCR, qRT-PCR after extraction
PurePrep 96 Instrument
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Simplify sample purification with PurePrep 96

The PurePrep 96 instrument is an automated system for purifying DNA, RNA, proteins and cells from a variety of sample materials, such as blood, cells and tissue samples. The PurePrep 96 purification technology is automated and enables high-speed, high-quality processing with no cross-contamination between the samples or reagent carry-over.

  • High throughput: the PurePrep 96 can process 96 samples in working volume of 1 ml simultaneously
  • Optimization-ready: Open and multiple functions design to provide more methods for reagent optimization
  • Touchscreen interface and easy operation: Parameters can be turned based on experimental requirements
  • Stable purification performance: Accurate temperature control system ensures stability of purification performance
  • Safe and reliable: Patented structure design with center rotary table, optimizing space of the magnetic rod tip comb, which improves stability and reliability (success rate >99.99%)

NucleoMag Pathogen Kits

NucleoMag Pathogen Kit
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NucleoMag Pathogen kit for viral and bacterial RNA/DNA from clinical samples

Isolate viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from common clinical sample material. NucleoMag Pathogen kits allow for rapid manual or automated purification, and include carrier RNA, proteinase K, and all buffers, ready-to-use. Highly reactive magnetic bead technology purifies most common clinical sample material, including whole blood, serum or plasma, feces, tissue, or swabs. Guarantee sensitive sample purification today with NucleoMag Pathogen kits.

  • Versatile: One kit for any common clinical sample type
  • High sensitivity even for low viral titers
  • High Purity: A260/A280 ratios consistently between 1.8 and 2.0 
  • Magnetic bead based technology achieves high-confidence automated purification
  • Manual or automated processing

KingFisher Plastics

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Continue sample purification with confidence

In stock now, KingFisher plastics complement the KingFisher platform for COVID-19 testing. This key consumable is a current limiting factor for large-scale sample purification given present pandemic conditions. Inquire about a quote today to make sure your workflow can scale for current demand.

Accessory kits are available for NucleoMag Tissue/Trace/Virus preps using a KingFisher platform. Kits include square-well blocks, deep-well tip combs, and elution plates. KingFisher Plastics are currently available in sets of 5k and 25k preps.


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