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Epicentre products by Lucigen are designed to optimize PCR results throughout your workflow.

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QuickExtract™ Solutions

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Burst, heat and amplify by PCR

The QuickExtract method allows for the inexpensive processing of one to hundreds of samples simultaneously, without centrifugation, spin columns, or the use of any toxic organic solvent. The method is also compatible with robotic automation.

QuickExtract™ DNA and RNA Extraction kits are available today. QuickExtract nucleic acid extraction solutions can be used to rapidly and efficiently extract PCR-ready genomic DNA or RT-PCR-ready RNA from almost any sample type using a simple, one-tube protocol. Extraction from low to high numbers of samples with this system takes mere minutes, with only slight variation on sample type. Accelerate your PCR or RT-PCR workflow now with QuickExtract.

  • Fast: 8 minute extraction protocol for most sample types
  • Simple: No centrifugation steps or spin columns, helps increase yields
  • Scalable: Volume of reagent used scales with the size of the sample
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol integrates easily into automated workflows
  • Safe: Uses only non-toxic reagents

MasterPure™ Complete DNA
and RNA Purification Kit

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Quickly purify high yields of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA or Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) with one kit​

The MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit enables rapid, high yield purification of high-molecular-weight genomic DNA, total cellular RNA and Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) from many different sample types.​

The kit procedure uses a safe, gentle, and scalable salt-precipitation protocol that eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals and yield-reducing columns. Purification reactions can be scaled up or down depending on the amount of nucleic acid needed and the size of the sample. MasterPure Kits for Nucleic Acid purifications Gram-positive bacteria, yeast DNA and blood samples are also available.

  • Fast: Purify Total Nucleic Acid (TNA), DNA or RNA in 30-60 minutes
  • Safe: Does not use hazardous phenol, chloroform or guanidine
  • High Purity: A260/A280 ratios consistently between 1.8 and 2.0 
  • High Yields: Improves yields by avoiding the use of columns which often reduce nucleic acid yields
  • Versatile: Purify TNA, genomic DNA, total RNA, FFPE RNA, or both genomic DNA and total RNA from a sample
  • Total RNA Recovery: Purify both large and small (e.g., miRNA) RNA for RNA-Seq or qRT-PCR
  • Proven: Hundreds of citations for purification of DNA and RNA from dozens of sample types for use in many applications

FailSafe™ PCR Systems

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Dependable amplification of every DNA target​

The FailSafe™ PCR System provides dependable, consistent high-fidelity PCR results for every DNA template, regardless of its source or sequence. The FailSafe™ PCR System will faithfully amplify your template every time….We promise!​

  • Successful PCR, the first time and every time
  • PCR amplification of difficult or high-GC templates
  • Multiplex PCR compatible
  • Robust amplification of targets up to 20 kb long
  • High accuracy with 3-fold lower error rate than Taq DNA polymerase (error rate = 1 in 30,000)
  • Extremely high sensitivity and specificity using the PCR Enhancer Technology (with Betaine)