BIOplastics Tear-off 8-tube Strip Mats


BIOplastics’ tear-off tube mats are far from typical. They’re specially designed for customizable plate size and minimal evaporative loss, enabling you to take a minimalist approach to your PCR and qPCR workflows. 

Minimal plastic, minimal reagents, minimal waste.

Cutting-edge technology

Most plastics manufacturers take a one-size-fits-all approach to moulding PCR tubes. The problem is, thermocyclers are not all one size. BIOplastics works closely with CYCLERtest, a thermocycler calibration systems manufacturer, to ensure our skirted plates are optimally designed for each thermocycler system. 

BIOplastics’ thin-walled mats of polypropylene tubes click into the thermocycler-optimized skirts. The tubes are manufactured via low-cavity moulding, which means fewer mats are produced at one time, allowing for superior uniformity and quality control. 

BIOplastics also provides a simple but genius solution to plastic waste in PCR workflows. BIOplastic mats tear apart, easily converting from 96-wells to any combination of 8 wells. Sealing sheets also come perforated, to minimize plastic waste.


Actionable Benefits

  • Minimal plastic waste
  • Reduced evaopration
  • PCR with volumes as low as 5 µl
  • Extremely reproducible
  • Available with frosted tubes for easy loading
  • Available in short-tube format to minimize evaporation
  • Tears apart for customizable plate size
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For ultimate waste-reduction, use with BIOplastics’s perforated sealing sheets or 8-strip caps.

More to explore

The uniformity of BIOplastics makes them ideal for integrating into dependent workflows. All BIOplastics have identical properties. Because they've been optimized to suit any thermocycler, you can seamlessly swap out different BIOplastics without having to re-optimize or adjust your protocols. That means you can also use BIOplastics when calibrating your equipment to achieve indetical results every time regardless of the equipment used.