Grenova TipNovus™

The sustainable solution for pipette tips

 Don’t waste them. Wash them.

Grenova’s high-throughput bench-top tip washer sterilizes and cleans pipette tips so you can safely reuse them, even for sensitive applications like PCR.

Cutting-edge technology

4 million pounds of pipette tips are dumped into landfills every year. Grenova wants to change that, so they made an automated tip washing machine. The Grenova TipNovus can wash and sterilize up to 24 racks of tips every hour and is compatible with automation, saving the average lab over $100/hour in consumable costs.

TipNovus combines high pressure washing, specialized cleaning reagents, tip agitation, ultrasonic cleaning, and UV sterilization to yield tips that are ready for use in mass spec, PCR, NGS, ELISA, toxicology studies, and more.

~20K samples/day run on washed tips >300K lbs plastic waste reduced since 2015 >$8.8 million saved in consumables since 2015 >100 million tips reused since 2015

Actionable Benefits

  • help save 4 million lbs of tips from landfills every year
  • cut consumable costs by 90%
  • compatible with 17 popular tip brands
  • can be integrated with most liquid handling robots
Save Money. Save the Planet.

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PCR Validation ensures reuse without contamination

Save money. Save the planet.